Irene was born in Singapore. She teaches Chinese and Higher Chinese at Primary and Secondary levels. She has more than 10 years of teaching experience. She is bilingual in English and Chinese.

Irene Lang

Irene Lang has more than 30 years of experience tutoring Chinese to Primary and Secondary students. She strongly believes that every student is unique with diverse language learning style and capacity. She works with every student according to his or her personal needs and tailors each lesson according to student’s learning progress. Irene specializes in using creative teaching methods to reach her students. She tutors every student with flexibility and creativity, focusing on bringing the desired results over time.

She has a gift for identifying the barrier that prevents a student from understanding a particular learning material. She would always apply the appropriate teaching method with specific target to overcome the learning problem. By making it easy to learn, her students would successfully comprehend the materials and complete their assignments consistently.

Irene Lang

Irene is a very patient tutor and she cares for the well-being of her students. She works diligently and earnestly with the students to prepare them to perform well for tests and assessments. To this end, she stays up-to-date on the newest teaching curriculum from the Ministry.

Irene specializes in working with students from non-Chinese-speaking homes. Most of her students are those who find Chinese language especially challenging. To overcome learning fears, Irene would plan creative activities with students during holidays. This would motivate the students to want to learn the language well.

Irene maintains excellent relationships with all her students. Irene also believes in stimulating students with openness and sincerity. Students who are encouraged would respond with greater effort, some showing dramatic improvements in academic achievements. Most importantly, most of her student would want to continue with her from primary to secondary. Even past students would maintain close contact with her and make new referrals to her.

Irene plays the harmonica and enjoys photography. She is especially good in floral arrangement for all occasions. Another area that excites her is to be a cook in the kitchen. Irene is also active in church, participating in various ministries. Besides contributing her part in floral arrangement and cooking, one ministry she particularly finds joy serving with is the Children’s choir.